Our Hospital

Our hospital is well equipped with modern veterinary surgical and diagnostic equipment to accommodate a wide range of surgical procedures.  We offer the highest standard of care and use modern anaesthetic machines, as well as Pulse-Oximeters and Ap-Alert machines for monitoring our patient’s heart rates, oxygen level and respiratory rates throughout the surgery. In addition, our knowledgeable and experienced nurses will be by your pet’s side throughout the entire surgery to ensure that their anaesthetic is as safe as possible.

Keeping risk of anaesthetic trauma to a minimum, we also provide you and your pet with the option of a blood test, which displays how well your pets internal systems are functioning before they undergo an anaesthetic. This includes the assessment of your pet’s liver, kidneys, bile duct, electrolyte balance, white and red blood cell numbers and their function. We are equipped with in-house blood analysis machines, which allows us to obtain the results promptly.

All our surgical instruments are sterilised, and our surgeons wear protective gear to ensure your pet is protected. Our surgical table is also heated for the comfort and well being of our patients during their procedure.

Most importantly, care does not stop once your pet has left our hospital - Our staff will follow up on all their patients, as we like to make sure our patients are resting comfortably at home and you as owners have no concerns regarding your pet.

We keep you informed at all times regarding how your pet is. We give you up to date reports and will discuss with you at all times all the options available so that you are fully informed about all costs at all times.

We offer a limit overnight care for non-crital, stable patients. If your pet is critical or non-stable, it is advised to transfer them to a 24hr clinic.